Welcome to "What's In it For Me" Virtual Open House

What's in It For Me? is all about "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you", "give and you shall receive", and lots of other time honored wisdoms that answer that question.  How can I, as an individual, small business, or corporation use some of my resources to help those who truly need help - and leverage those resources to the maximum benefit for the recipients and myself, family, community partners, and fellow citizens?  And how do I get the most "bang for my buck"?

Here is an answer for WIFM in the Mid-Columbia region.

Who provides the technology, staffing and volunteers in support of: (follow links for details)

Columbia Basin Public Information Network (CBPIN.org) - (Formerly The Columbia Free-Net)
Answer – RECA Foundation. We need your support. Individuals, business, government – as little as $10.00 can make a difference! WIFM? Check it out

RECA Foundation supporters